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The Lone Ranger or The Magnificent Seven…?

October 23, 2010

Why market via email?  A key question to ask for any company thinking of embarking into the world of email marketing whether you’re B2B or B2C.  But what is more important to consider is “is it enough?” 

Let’s discuss the first question:

Well the buzzwords are brand awareness, acquisition, retention and loyalty.  In other words it’s about getting your brand out there on the web, acquiring new customers and building their loyalty to ensure you keep them.  Remember faithful Pareto?  His age old “80/20” rule still applies here, even in the digital world. 

But with deliverability of the message becoming an increasingly important consideration, can we be assured of the success of our email marketing campaigns?  If you want your campaign to work, the success factor is NOT to go it alone.  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto as a sidekick.  Wouldn’t you rather use the Magnificent Seven?

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Search Marketing
  3. Online PR
  4. Online Partnerships
  5. Viral Marketing
  6. Interactive Ads
  7. Offline Communications – even in a technology driven world we still need to consider the accessibility of our message to all consumers, not just the computer savvy ones.

Seems to me that Email Marketing can be good, even very good as long as you use an interactive campaign…

And you thought I was talking about the movie, didn’t you?  Alright, go on…check out the link below to see The Magnificent Seven in action…you know you want to…

So for Email Marketing to give you the best return on investment what are the tips to remember?  Well Chaffey et al, 2009, prompt us to consider if the creative and copy is consistent with our brand, if the message reinforces other communications and if the timing of the email campaign fits in with offline communications.   As a consumer myself I always think of the WIFM factor (what’s in it for me?)  Get the copy right and be relevant!  Adapting the message to specific audiences will increase conversion.  Offer consumers an incentive for signing up and allow them to modify their subscriptions and communication preferences.  Listen to unsubscribers and give them an alternative like RSS feeds or Twitter.  ESP’s like smartFOCUS DIGITAL will even test your emails to check for the likelihood of getting spammed.

If this juicy titbit isn’t enough to answer your questions on Email Marketing I recommend checking out the DMA website at, in particular their ‘Email Marketing Best Practice Guidelines, 2007’ publication.  If nothing else it’s always good to know that you’re doing the right thing.

Or you could just wait until I post the next juicy titbit…


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