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Busy day at BizCamp Belfast for Room 201

November 15, 2010

Well it was quite a day at BizCamp at the Ulster Museum in Belfast today.

Six speaker rooms, Nearly 100 excellent speakers – and hardly a sales pitch among them (which was great!).

Couldn’t get around all of the presentations but here’s what I heard:

Anything to do with digital marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media.

Kathryn Leech: Head of Digital Marketing, Biznet

Our own Lecturess Kathryn Leech did the lot in 15 mins and was brilliant as always! World of Mouth is a brilliant insight and the fact that every good conversation begins with listening. Great advice for all businesses out there rushing to join the dash into digital. Take your time. Listen. And think strategically!

Kathryn’s presentation will be available on SlideShare shortly (if not already!), so keep an eye out for it.

Online video marketing.

Jonathan Gaston: Colours Video

In spite of some technology issues Jonathan did a great job in presenting the case for video content online. Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world? Check out some of Jonathan’s work on his website…love the work for Alexander Boyd Displays! And check out the latest Alan Partridge series exclusively on Fosters Funny! Top tip Jonathan!

Kill the online hype. Start the collaboration.

Stephen Bogan: MD, Genesis Advertising

 A call out for collaboration between offline and online from the MD of one of the province’s leading traditional advertising agencies. Proving that ‘advertising definitely isn’t dead!’ with a pile of stats from the IPA/BDO and Thinkbox/IAB, supported by solid examples like ‘Compare the Market’, Stephen explored the ‘myths & facts’ surrounding digital marketing and social media (brave enough given the context of the day!). Did you know that half the population in Northern Ireland doesn’t use the internet regularly and that only a quarter are on Facebook? Did you also know that 68% of the population still watch our own UTV for an hour daily (and that 57% of 15-29s watch UTV and 52% Channel 4?). Can’t argue with the facts; nor with the argument that the best solution for a Client starts with defining objectives, understanding the market and reaching it through the most appropriate channels, whether that’s offline, online or a combination of both.

Geolocation and how to own your own ‘digital real estate’.

Ken Sharp: Owner, Triage Hospitality

Great presentation from Mr Sharp on geolocation and geotagging. Useful overview of the market and the opportunities – Foursquare, sitorsquat, Yelp, Mashups, Bump etc and the importance of owning our own ‘digital real estate’. Very clear that unless we engage with the market and manage our own ‘real estate’ the market will do it for us! It’s no longer a choice now…and the commercial benefits are there too – Google trusts user generated content more than business generated content, so it’s time to start listening to the conversations and engaging!

Innovative marketing with or without a budget.

Dean Langasco: Owner, I Love Mondays

Missed most of Dean’s presentation (unfortunately!) but from what I saw I Love Mondays really do understand the idea of innovative marketing and how to use creative thinking to get the most from a marketing budget however small. If anyone has some notes from Dean’s presentation, we’d love to share them. Or get in contact with Dean! Great company with some great ideas that won’t break the bank!

PR can be indefinable, vague and is often misunderstood.

Gwynneth Cockcroft: MD, DCP

A man walks in to a bar…classic stuff from one of the Province’s most respected PR people and a great presentation on what PR really is all about. Loved the 5 golden rules of PR:

Know who you’re talking to

Know how they speak

Listen to yourself

Get someone else to listen to you

Question everything until you’re really uncomfortable

 ..and above all make sure your PR has a PURPOSE (otherwise it’s just noise)!

Do well…then tell. You certainly did Gwynneth. Great job! Must come up and see you some time 😉

And finally a plug for Shhmooze, a neat new App for conferences and events.

Tried it out myself and it works great in spite of the slow connectivity at the Ulster Museum. Mehdi el Gueddari, the company’s CEO and Lead Developer was more than helpful in getting me registered and it wasn’t long before I was waving at, and being waved at by contacts at the event. Great work Shhmooze and best of luck with the App!! Think it really will ‘change the way people meet people’!!

And finally, finally a big thank you to the BizCamp team who made today possible. It was a hectic day and lots to manage, but from what I could hear from people around me, the day was a tremendous success. Here’s to the next one!!

If anyone has any feedback, opinions, notes or links to any of the presentations or content from today, please let us know. We’d love to share!!


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  1. November 16, 2010 10:56 am

    My Google Adwords presentation..

    Click to access bizcamp.pdf

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